Pedal, Putter, Paddle


E-Bikes & Bicycles

Pedal your way through historic downtown or venture farther to Dorena Lake on the scenic, 17-mile Row River Trail. Take A FUN! box lunch with you and enjoy the day. No need to work up a sweat either—rent a FUN! E-bike for an extra boost!

Electric Model-T

Relive Cottage Grove history in an electric 1908 Ford Model-T replica. With seating for five, there’s plenty of room to putter around with family and friends. Even reserve it for a special event, party or wedding. It’s a unique way to experience Cottage Grove and sure to turn heads!

Kayaks & Paddleboards

Paddle Cottage Grove Lake or Dorena Lake in a FUN! kayak or inflatable paddleboard. Grab a FUN! box lunch and spend the day spotting bald eagles, osprey, blacktail deer and other wildlife. Life vests and paddles included with your rental! 

Self-Service Bikes

Want to ride on your own schedule? Hop on one of our self-service FUN! bikes parked around town. They’re available 24/7. And taking one for a spin is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Download the FUN! bike app and create an account.
  2. Sign in on the app and follow the prompts to unlock a bike.
  3. When you’re done with your ride, return the bike to one of our FUN! racks and use the app to check out.

Suggestion Box

Share your ideas! We’re always looking for more ways for our visitors to have fun in Cottage Grove. Tell us what you want to see, do, learn or eat. Or just say “hi!”