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FUN! Makers

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FUN! Makers

Shawn Savage
Executive Chef
Working with the people at FUN! who love what they’re doing is contagious in the best way. It lifts you up to be inspired by those around you!
Keith Kessler
Tour Director
I love entertaining people, making them smile and laugh, ultimately giving them an opportunity to leave the worries of life behind for a little while!
Eric Johnson
Marketing Director
I’m driven to create and happiest when I’m making something. With FUN!, I get to do this for the town I live in. What could be better than that!?
River Molyneaux
Special Projects
It’s been super fun helping create a business with the goal of making people laugh and smile, getting to create incredible experiences for people!
Chalice Savage
Operations Director
I want to be part of creating an environment of empowerment. I want to provide opportunities of joy in others lives (locals, staff or whomever I meet)
Amanda Ferguson
Events Director
My passion is in building community—through the arts, adventure and economic development—exactly what we’re doing here at FUN!
Len Blackstone
Lead Servant
In everything I do, I’m guided by one question: "How will this help our community?" My vision for the FUN! Company is to get the word out about this magical place and create living-wage jobs for more people to thrive here.
Bailey Boren
I love being a part of such an amazing team. I get to live life to the fullest and have fun doing it.

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Share your ideas! We’re always looking for more ways for our visitors to have fun in Cottage Grove. Tell us what you want to see, do, learn or eat. Or just say “hi!”