Just a Few Words

About us

Building community with FUN!

Smiles and laughter bring people together. And that’s the premise for the FUN! Company.

We’ve lived in Cottage Grove for years, and we love this town. It’s given us so much and now it’s our turn to give back. We’re on a quest to share the charm of this all-American town, creating opportunities for it to take its place as one of Oregon’s best bucket-list surprises. Plus, “fun” experiences also bring visitors and economic growth to our community.

People First

By taking care of our employees and honoring the residents here, we’re helping build a stronger community—and a vibrant destination for visitors.

High-Paying Jobs

When Cottage Grove becomes a go-to spot, we can create more high-paying jobs and an economically sustainable home for our families and friends.

Fun for Everyone

Every community needs opportunities to have fun, and there’s no shortage of options here. We can’t wait to share this place we treasure with you!

Our History

It Started with Ice Cream

  • Summer, 2021: Founded and unveiled a teaser rollout of the FUN! Company, selling $2 ice-cream bars and bottled water for 50 cents at community events, including Concerts at the Park and Bohemia Mining Days. People loved it and we loved seeing the smiles on their faces.
  • Summer, 2022:
    • Officially launched FUN! professionally guided tours and rentals of bikes, Model-T, kayaks and paddleboards.
    • Brought back the iconic Hot Spot Café (offering breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week) with souvenirs and gifts.
    • Two separate companies located at the same FUN Depot building.
  • What’s Next: Everywhere we look, we see opportunities to celebrate Cottage Grove. Look for more entertainment, events and fun on the horizon!

Suggestion Box

Share your ideas! We’re always looking for more ways for our visitors to have fun in Cottage Grove. Tell us what you want to see, do, learn or eat. Or just say “hi!”